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Why is crypto down? Cryptocurrency crash January 2022



Crypto crash erased more than $1 trillion in market value..

The January of 2022 seems to be one of the hardest on Cryto investors as the market has seen massive decline in January which is lowest it has gone since July 2021.

Many are wondering why the cryptocurrency market is crashing right now: The answer is the news of proposed Russia ban by its Central Bank, though Russia is yet to ban crypto but the news has sent FUD all over the market and early investors are taking profits thereby causing the market to crash.

This isn’t just the only reason another is the inflation might not go high as expected by many as the Fed in the United States has come up with a plan on how to tackle inflation.

You must have observed that even the stock market is down as well not just crypto.

Now what should you do in times like this?

1. If you are in profit as an old investor, take profit.

2. If you are a new investor but in profit, take profit.

3. If you are a new investor and already in loss, then you just have to keep holding while you wait for the price to bounce back up. The truth is nobody knows when.

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4. And if you are yet to invest in crypto then it’s time to get in, or if you’re already in Cryto and still got more cashing just lying there, then this is an opportunity to buy more and increase your dollar cost average.

Remember this is not a financial advice, but just facts based on statistics. Crypto isn’t going anywhere.

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