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Stop Sleeping With Married Women If You Want To Succeed In 2022 – Reno Omokri To Men



Famous Nigerian author and former presidential aid Reno Omokri has warned men to desist from sleeping with married women as a habit..

The human rights campaigner has taken to his Twitter to share a piece of advice with men who wants to make it in the year 2022. According to him, every man who wants to succeed should put to an end the habit of sleeping with married women.

Reno taking to his Twitter page, cited Pharoah in the Bible as an example of men who never prospered after sleeping with a married woman. He stated that sleeping with a married woman is one of the most spiritually dangerous things a man can do.

He tweeted, “Dear men, When Pharaoh slept with a married woman (Sarai, Abram’s wife), it affected his and his children’s wealth and health-Gen 12:17. Sleeping with married women is one of the most spiritually dangerous things you can do. Avoid it if you want to thrive in 2022 #RenosNuggets“

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