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Only In Africa! Pastor Orders Church Members to Withstand Heavy Rain to Tap Blessings (Video)



A pastor from Uganda identified as Pastor Bujingo asked his congregation not to seek shelter when the sky opened up and poured torrential rain on them during church service in the open..

Predictably they obeyed sheepishly and stood in the rain while getting soaked alongside their mobiles devices and other valuables they had on them at the time.

Apparently, they were worshipping under a tent but when the rain burst out, the pastor asked them to come out in the open and ‘tap into the blessings’ of the rain.

Speaking during the Sunday Church service, Bujingo who was dressed in a dark blue suit is seen in a video telling his flock to step out of the tent and come in the rain to receive God’s blessings.

”For those of you who know Canana land and House of Prayer Ministries know that this rain normally comes once in a month to bless the believers here.

For those who gnat their sins washed away and blessings bestowed upon them should come out of the tent and dance in the rain” Bujingo said as he encouraged his followers to pray in the rain.

Watch the video below;