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Man builds house upside down… toilet, kitchen & everything inside is overturned (video)



A man has shocked the world after he pulled an unprecedented architectural beauty that has become topical on social media.
The man, Marek Cyran from Niagara in the United States of America said he got the idea of building his house upside down after he saw it in Poland while on vacation..

However, when he returned and suggested the idea to his community members they only made fun of him and said such a thing won’t be possible to actualize it. He was however motivated by their pessimism which prompted him to breathe life into his idea.

Fast forward, he succeeded in putting up a one-storey building at Niagara Falls which has now become a tourist attraction centre where people visit to pay a fee and watch the exterior and the interior.

In a YouTube Video by Kool Buildings, the roof of the man shares all aspects of his amazing house and ut lies upside down- while treating viewers to its features.

The interior also shows even the kitchen, dining table, bedroom and other parts of the rooms including even a decorative plant in overturned.

Watch the video below;