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Lawyer Accuses Her Husband Of Being Abusive, Beating Her During Pregnancy And Having Carnal Knowledge With 10-Yr-Old Sister



A lawyer has taken to social media to make accusations about her husband for being abusive..

She backed her allegations with photos and videos. According to the lawyer who doubles as an influencer, her husband has been hitting her for quite a long time and he even does that during her pregnancy period.

The founder of My Lawyer Sabi revealed that she has received death threats from him and also threats directed towards her family.

She also alleged that he had “intimate relations” with her biological sister living with them from the time she was 10 years old until she eventually spoke up at the age of 17.

He allegedly beat her up so badly on Monday, November 1, that her artificial nails broke, ripping her skin and leaving her bleeding.

See photos below;