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I Started Drinking After Being Thrown Out – Ada Ameh Shares How Peer Pressure Almost Ruined Her Life (Video)



Actress Ada Ameh has disclosed how her life almost got ruined because of peer pressure after she got pregnant at the age of 13 while she was staying with her parents at the barracks..

Ada Ameh speaking to Chudity in a recent interview disclosed that she got pregnant when she was about the age of 13 after her peers introduced her to $e.x and one thing led to another making her a mother at such a tender age.

According to her, her child was 5 months when she clocked 15 and one thing led to another which made her parents throw her out of the barracks on the street and that is where she started drinking and doing all the things she wasn’t supposed to do.

Because of peer pressure, she gained her freedom at a very young age but it almost ruined her life because she started drinking and doing things she wasn’t supposed to do but thank God she was able to come back to her ‘senses’ along the line.

Today, even though Ada Ameh has lost her only daughter she is one of the most respected legendary actresses in Nigeria because of her hard work and dedication and we think that’s something recommendable since not all who go into such situations are able to come out like her.

video below;

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