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Young Man Caught Poisoning Friend’s Drink, Forced To Drink It (Video)



A young man who claims to be a friend was exposed of his evil plans for the friend he hanged out with in publicly.
The man whose identity was not revealed at the time of filing this report was caught red-handed trying to poison the drink of his friend who he was seated with at a table after during a party..

A Twitter user identified as Dayo who shared the news revealed that the boys had all gone out to chill and catch some fun but one of the boys went to use the washroom and one of them hurriedly put some unknown substance in the drink.

However, to his dismay, someone saw him putting the substance in the drink and he immediately prompted the other guys who were at the party who gathered around him to beat him. He was then forced to take the drink and he started foaming at the mouth.

Watch the video below;