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When Last Did You Thank Our Wife After Having Sex With Her? – Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo Asks Men



Nigerian pastor, counselor, and philanthropist, Funke Felix-Adejumo has counselled men on how to be grateful to their wives when they offer them sexual gratification..

She voiced out this sentiment during a recent sermon she delivered in church while she was emphasizing the significance of gratitude in marriage, the opposite of which she says kills the vibe in a marriage.

According to her, sex with a woman is more than just having casual pleasure, as the woman is giving her body to the husband.

She quoted; ”Ingratitude is a killer and it is so disturbing that some people, not only do they show it to God but also to men. As a man, when last did you thank your wife for marrying you?

When last did you thank your wife after having sex with her? She gave you her body. Don’t tell me we enjoyed it together. When a woman gives her body to you, it is a lot. To a woman, sex is more than ‘oh let’s just have pleasure’.”

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