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Pastor Hypes Naira Marley During Sermon, Says He’s Smart Despite Smoking Weed (Video)



A white garment church pastor has extolled Nigerian singer, Naira Marley in his sermon to his congregation as he described him as a very intelligent man in spite of all the marijuana he smokes..

Naira Marley’s figure in most of the churches has been painted as a sinner who desperately needs salvation so Pastors hardly talk about him on the pulpit let alone praise hjis music style. Pastors often rebuke him for promoting s3xual messages and vulgar languages in his songs.

In a new twist, a pastor has authorized his church members to listen to Niara Marley’s songs for the wisdom he exudes in them. The pastor intimated that Naira Marley is intelligent despite being a marijuana smoker as he preached a sermon in Church.

He used the lyrics of Naira Marley’s song Aye to prove a point as he preached to them.

The cleric said: That boy only smokes weed but he is very intelligent.
He is very intelligent
(Starts singing)
Aye yi o le(This life is not hard)
Aye lo n maye le(It’s humans that make life hard)
Eyin le ma sin iya yin(You are the ones that will bury your mothers)

‘Wouldn’t you want to be the ones to bury your mothers?’

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