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“If I Were To Chose Merriment As A King, By Now I Would Be Riding In Private Jets At The Expense Of My Subjects By Selling Their Lands” – Oluwo of Iwo



Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, the Oluwo of Iwoland in Osun State, stated he had chosen the road of honor to serve his people over amusement..

On Saturday, October 9, the monarch declared on his official social media website that if he had chosen merriment, he would have been flying on private jets purchased at the expense of his subjects.

“As a king, if I were to chose merriment, by now , I would be riding in private jets at the likely expense of my aspiring subjects by selling their properties mostly the land. I chose the path of honour to serve them so I can be served tomorrow. The most important is, as the symbol of my subjects, I submit them to God not idols. That is the simple way I earn their trust and respect, always. OLUWO OF IWOLAND” he wrote..

temilolasobola wrote; This one is throwing shades at a particular king

misschidel wrote; His talking to someone indirectly 😂😂

_____deco1972 wrote; If you get mind, mention the name of the king you are throwing shades at, stop going through the corner

ada_bitcoin wrote; Talk to that person directly 😂😂😂

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