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“Any Woman That Pays Her Own Bills Is Single Periodt” – Kemi Afolabi



Actress Kemi Afolabi has claimed that any woman who is in a relationship but pays her own bills is single as to her, no woman in a relationship is supposed to be paying her own bills..

A lot of people have the perception that ones you are in a relationship with a guy, he’s supposed to support you financially and in every single thing and with this post we think Kemi Afolabi is part of the women with such perception.

It’s a good thing if your partner is supporting you with your bill while in a relationship but it’s not compulsory for him to support you financially hence it’s wrong for Kemi Afolabi to claim that any lady who pays her own bills is single.

It’s a different issue when you are married as it becomes the responsibility of your husband to support you financially and in all aspect there’s her claims of being single when you pay your own bills might work in such situations but it’s not always the case.

Sometimes, a woman turn to pay her own bills even though she’s married when her financial situation is better than that of her husband but that doesn’t make her single just because she supported her husband hence Kemi Afolabi needs to explain her post very well for clear understanding.

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