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Simi Called Out By MC Morris For Biting The Finger That Fed Her



Simi has been called out by MC Morris for biting the finger that fed her and turning her back on him and all the people who helped her grow after she made it in the industry..

MC Morris seems to be pissed about the fact that Simi doesn’t give him the attention he needed and expected her to give him after he went out of his way to help her grow in the industry and has taken to social media to call her out.

According to MC Morris, maybe speaking out will help him forget and forgive Simi for what she did after she ignored him after he shared his platform with her for years and went out of his way cause he believed in her talent and transported her to events.

MC Morris reminded Simi of some experience they shared and how he was as a manager to her back then just because he believed in her talent and wanted the world to see her but today she has bitten the finger that once fed her by ignoring him and some others who were with her.

Adding that God will be their judge but he just wanted her to know that she has bitten the finger that once fed her and he would have been cashing out big now if he had used all the money he spend on her for something else.

MC Morris sounded a little bitter about the fact that Simi didn’t return the help he gave her as an artist advising her to remember to follow peace with every man because a wealthy person still gets hungry, Simi is yet to respond to that.

screenshot below;

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