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Phone S3x Allowed For Couples In A Distant Marriage – Pastor Mildred Okonkwo



According to her, in a distant marriage, sexual needs still have to be met.

Nigerian Pastor, Mildred Okonkwo has stated that in a long-distance marriage, it is okay for couples to engage in sexual acts while they are far apart..

While answering a question on the topic, she said: “It’s a distant marriage and your sexual needs have to be met.”

She added:

“The Bible tells us that there’s no… God doesn’t really give us clear instructions on what to do inside your marriage.

“When you’re married, he kind of leaves you guys to know how to explore. So, there’s no rule that says, oh, don’t kiss on the forehead, kiss in the ear. It doesn’t break it down.

“So, when it comes to that kind of thing, God is trusting both of you to make the decision on what really works.”

She continued:

”And if there’s no other way for their sexual needs to be met, what should they do? They should burn? They are married so it is their decision.”

She said phone sex between a married couple living apart only becomes a problem when the couple can’t complete the phone sex due to whatever issues such as poor network and one partner then goes off, looking for someone else to finish off with.

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