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Man In Distress After His Girlfriend Gave Him Till October Ending To See A Native Doctor Or She Dump Him



It’s been a reaction of mixed feelings after a young vibrant man posted online seeking help about his girlfriend giving him up to the end of October to see a native doctor..

The young man shared the post with the view of getting advice from netizens about what to do with the demand of the woman of his dreams since he wants to marry this lady who is giving him up to October ending to see a native doctor.

According to the young man, his girlfriend has been on his neck for over 2 weeks now asking him to go and see a native doctor who will do charm for his business to flourish so he would be able to provide things she wants when married.

Adding that the girlfriend claims she wants him to buy cars, houses and build a resident house when they eventually get married and he’s now confused because she is someone he wants to marry but has up to October ending to make a decision.

To him, the fact that the lady is a virgin makes him want to marry her but her demands of he going to see a native doctor for charms have got him worried and now needs advice on what to do even though the handwriting on the wall is clear.

Netizens reacting to his post said there’s no need to seek advice from others regarding this issue because now that they aren’t married the lady is demanding that he sees a native doctor who knows what she will demand if they eventually get married.

screenshot below;

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