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Man Trains A Lady All Through University But Sadly He Didn’t Even Get A Hug In Return



A man was struck in the heart by the dagger of an ungrateful lady who failed to acknowledge the huge role he played in her life after he funded her education all the way to the university level..

The man’s plight was shared on Twitter by celebrated Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo while dishing nuggets of advice to ladies on how to be grateful to their benefactors.

A female fan identified as Onyinye Nwosu who came across his post sought to find out if the advice was borne out of his own bitter experience at the hands of a lady or it’s purely something he garnered through observation.

Onyinye wrote; ‘Sir is like you are speaking from experience thanks.’

Reacting, Kenneth Okonkwo shared the story about his Zambian male friend, who got dumped by a lady, he financially sponsored through the university, as he alleged that the man didn’t even get a hug in return from the lady.

The veteran actor wrote;

‘Experience is always the best teacher. If you doubt me, ask my friend from Zambia Elliott Le Roux who trained Natasha all through university and didn’t even get a hug in return Pathetic!’

See screenshot below;

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