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Chinese Firm Hires Soldiers To Assault and Inflict Injuries On Nigerian Workers Over A Disagreement (Photos)



Kelechi Henry Eke cried out over the injustice being meted on Nigerian workers by their Chinese employers….

Some Nigerian workers at a Chinese company in Ogun state have been assaulted by Nigerian soldiers hired by their Chinese employers in Ogun state.

The latest incident which happened recently was shared by a Facebook user, Kelechi Henry Eke who cried out over the injustice being meted on Nigerians by Chinese employers in their own country.

Sharing details of how Chinese employers hire soldiers to assault their workers at any little disagreement, Eke wrote:

“I wish to use your media outlet to let the whole world know about the inhumane and unfathomable evil acts of a Chinese company Nigeria that has consistently abused the rights of her Nigerian workers.

This event took place at Italy Ceramics company, the producer of Virony Tiles, a newly launched ceramics tiles factory in Ogere-remo, Along Lagos Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State. In several occasions, these Chinese workers use the Nigerian police and Army to assault it’s workers beat them up and inflict injuries on them for no reason.

It is not enough that they employ workers without proper job offers and contracts, they do not pay pension nor other benefits. The welfare of the staff is not important to them as they pack more than 12 people in one room with poor ventilation.

Recently there was a fued between Italy Ceramics and its Chinese power company CCETC SUK POWER STATION which is located at the same Qingyang Industrial Park Ogere. A Nigerian staff attached to the power station was mercilessly beaten to a near death situation by a team of Nigerian Army hired by Italy Ceramics as a result of their dispute.

Kindly use your media to help call attention of the authorities to caution these Chinese companies as there has been a record of death of two Nigerian workers already in this company. At least let the world know the atrocities perpetrated by these Chinese capitalists and money mongers in Nigeria.

Attached herein are pictoral and video evidence to corroborate the story.

Thanks in anticipation for your usual assistance.”

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