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THIS IS SERIOUS! See How People Are Selling And Buying This Huge Bundles Of Money In The Market Despite Being Poor (Details below)



Africa is regarded as the poorest continent on this planet with prove and it seems like everything is really true indeed.

The economy is doing very poor and most of the blames goes to our leaders who are supposed to be fixing our country for us.

Something is going on in Somalia that has really shocked many people.

Several photos of Somali traders in Hargesia market buying and selling money in the market have been circulated online. The cash is in Somalian currency.

The large quantity of money has, without a doubt, caught people’ s attention, with many asking to know what is happening in the images. ” In an economy where we have this much money, money loses its value and prices will be very high for everything because money is readily available for everything, ” others said.

Somalia’ s economy continues to suffer because of the political unrest in the region. Poverty levels are on the rise in the country. The images are from a money exchange market. The money exchangers are buying and selling United States dollar bills.

Somalia’ s currency has performed poorly, and its value has depreciated against the dollar. One US dollar is equivalent to 6000 Somaliland shillings. The biggest note is five hundred shillings, you will require a bag whenever you visit the market.

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Such open- air markets for money exchange are also popular in parts of Lagos in Nigeria. Security is tight and there are hardly any reports of theft. It is hard for an economy to go through this because poverty levels will be high and people won’ t afford to get commodities as essential as a loaf of bread, ” many sympathized.

After this photos popped up on the internet, many people had their day about this.