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See How Youths Arrested And Disciplined This Young Man Who Was Caught Manhandling His Mom



A couple of hours ago, a video surfaced on the internet showing disturbing images of how a young man was filmed brutalizing his mother on the street. The awful incident reportedly happened at Ogidi community in Anambra state. The young was later identified as one Sunday Maduegbunam Kosisochukwu, although it is unclear the incidents that played out before the young man started brutalizing his mother as shown in the video, however the young was captured on camera consistently slapping, kicking, punching and shoving a woman identified as his mother, despite pleas from neighbours for him to stop the assault. It is unclear whether the young was under the influence of some illicit substances, which may have inspired him to behave in such a beastly manner towards his own mother..

The video of the young Mr Sunday brutalizing his mother soon went viral across various social media platforms, and it recieved lots of condemnation from many concerned Nigerians who called Friday for the young man in the video to be arrested. A couple of hours later and another surfaced online, this time the youths of the community had tracked and apprehended the young man, and they took him in for questioning. He was shown the video and asked whether or not he was the one in the video, a question to which he answered on the affirmative, afterwards the youths proceeded to to serve young Mr Sunday the wages of justice fit for the beastly act he had been captured committing.

According to the video which was later released by ome of the members of the youth’ s of the village, young Mr Sunday Was stripped bare, and tied to a palm, then some much needed sense and respect for motherly figure was whooped into him as he begged for forgiveness blaming the devil for his act. The state and well being of his mother which he was seen brutalizing in the video could not be readily ascertained, however we say a big kudos to to youths of the Ogidi community for rising up to defend the poor old woman from a brute of a son.

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