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Corpses Everywhere As Notorious Benue State Kidnappers Reveal Special Burial Ground They Buried Victims After Killing Them (Details below)



Two of the eight kidnappers arrested last week in Osun State have made a shocking revelation by taking security operatives to their special burial ground where they bury their kidnapped victims after killing them.

According to the report made available, the remains discovered in the special graves were that of three males and three females, which also includes their last victim, Catherine Akashi. Some of their wives were also buried in the grave.

The site of the special burial ground is located at Katsina- Ala local government area of the state. The suspects who took them there are 23- year- old Aondoaseer Terseer (Bob Tsetse) and Orkashima

David (Cash Money). The two suspects also used the opportunity to narrate why they also buried their wives in the special graves meant for kidnapped victims.

Taseer, aka Bob Tsetse, said he mistakenly killed his wife during an argument for something. He confessed to having thrown a wood at her during the heat of the argument which pierced her neck and she died from the excessive loss of blood. He had no other choice than to bury her in their private graveyard to conceal her death from her family.

Cash Money on the other hand said he deliberately killed and buried his wife in their private burial site because the wife threatened to burn down his house and inform police about his kidnapped gang activities. He said his father told him she was going to expose him, hence he had to take her life. Other corpses at the site are those of their kidnapped victim they killed after collecting ransom.

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Recall that Cash Money and Tsetse were among the 8 kidnapped victims arrested in Omoh Ijesha village in Osun State last week. They were negotiating for ransom for a Tenguped victim they had already killed and buried in Benue. Other acts arrested include