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The Actress That Took Pictures With Her Son Without Wearing Any Cloth Has Been Sentenced To Prison (Details below)



The Actress That Took Pictures With Her Son Without Wearing Any Cloth Has Been Sentenced To Prison.

Different people have their unique ways of showing their emotions whenever they are happy or sad. A particular Ghanaian Actress, Rosemond Brown, otherwise known as Akuapem Poloo expressed her excitement in an indecent manner few months ago. The actress was so excited on her child’s birthday and she wanted to do something out of the ordinary just to show how excited she was about her son’s birthday.

The Actress

In the quest of doing something out of the ordinary, the actress took a photo-shoot with her son and unlike other birthday photoshoot, the woman went naked in front of her son. She took that picture without any cloth on to symbolize the exact way she gave birth to her son. She said that she brought her son to the world without any cloth on her, thus, she intends to celebrate the day he was born that same way.

She shared the pictures online and many people were stunned when they saw a naked mother in front of her grown-up son, all in the name of birthday photo-shoot. All the way from Ghana, the picture went viral on social media and it got to Nigeria and many other countries as people were criticizing the woman for what she did.

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Shortly after the heavy criticism on social media, she took the pictures down as she realized that she made a huge mistake just because she wanted to mark her son’s birthday in a unique. When she realized her fault, she apologized to everyone in another online video. She says ‘I have not been myself and the sadness is really eating me up after I posted a naked picture of my son talking to him on his birthday.’

‘All I want to say is please forgive me, it will never happen again. I did not post it for any bad intention, it was out of pain that I went through when I gave birth to my son. I realized the post is not good and I took it off. Looking at the caption and the comments on my page, I have regretted posting it. I just want to say a big sorry to whoever I hurt by posting those pictures, if not because of me, forgive me because of my son.’- the Actress says.

She begs for forgiveness

She begged for forgiveness and took the post from her page but some child’s right organization did not stop until they charged her to court. After all these months, the Actress has now been sentenced to 90 days in prison by an Accra Circuit Court over the publication of obscene material and domestic violence.

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The Actress cried for forgiveness when she realized that her emotions have gotten the best out of her but it was too late as she finally gets convicted. It was reported that the Actress also pleaded for mercy in court but it was all abortive. ‘Mummy please, Mummy, I beg you, Mummy Please’- the Actress reportedly said to the Judge.

This is very sad because even when the Actress finished her sentence, she would forever be regarded as an ex-convict which is not a good thing for her.

The Actress and her son

People also tried to beg the court for leniency so that her son would not be left with a memory of her mother going to prison but unluckily for Akuapem Poloo she was sentenced to 90 days.

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