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Rev. Fr Mbaka Says He Never Asked Nigerians To Vote For Buhari, Reveals Plot To Kill Him



Following a squabble with the Catholic Diocese of Enugu in May last year, Catholic priest Ejike Mbaka has raised the alarm of a plan to assassinate him..

In his new year address, Mbaka recalled how the Catholic Bishop of the Enugu Diocese, Callistus Onaga, requested him to close down his Adoration ministry in Enugu for a month and go on a retreat, warning him against dabbling in politics.

This came after a Catholic Priest, who had previously been a strong proponent of President Muhammadu Buhari, changed his mind and demanded that the President resign or face impeachment for “poor governance.” Remember that the Presidency responded by claiming that the President was enraged because his request for government contracts was denied.

On New Year’s Day, Mbaka addressed his supporters, saying:

You know they gave me order (at the time) not to come here (Adoration Ground) again till 30 days. Somebody that was summoned to a meeting,” he said.

“It was the meeting I went for, but I didn’t know it was a panel. It was in that panel that they gave me an order not to conduct adoration again until 30 days and that I won’t enter my house until 30 days.

“I was asked to just move somewhere else other than Adoration ground or my house.”

He reported that he followed the Bishop’s instructions, but that the Holy Spirit told him not to park “anywhere.”

Mbaka added;

“I didn’t know I was being tracked that night. Before the next day you people started searching for me.

“Their plan was to capture me that night and drag me to Cubana (Hotel) and take me to Mobil where prostitutes stay and then take me around (there) and then, show video of me in the place (Brothel) so that people would ask what Mbaka was searching for in brothel.

“Then, they will again, drag me to Igboeze, another spot for Prostitutes. That’s where they planned to naked themselves, not me. So, then people would begin to ask what I am doing naked in prostitutes’ spot. Then, they will take me to Abuja and the story will be much, they will kill themselves, not me.”

The Catholic Priest cautioned individuals opposing his ministry to stay away from him after reviewing his original apologies to church officials and realizing it was people who treated him badly who should apologize to him.

Mbaka, who claimed that he has never spoken ill of the Bishop in the Adoration Ground, stated that he regards him as a parent and that he should also be considered a son.

The Catholic Priest also denied urging Nigerians to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 national elections. He said that he was merely announcing a revelation he had received concerning Buhari’s election as President in 2015.

Mbaka said;

“When I was saying that Buhari would be President, there was nobody I told to vote Buhari.

“People were quoting me out of context. I said it was revealed to me that Buhari would be President (in 2015), does that mean I said you should vote him? It is vision, but I said if he begins to mess up, that I will attack him. It is in the tape. And he messed up and I started attacking him.”

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