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“My babe of 2 years fought with a girl after she stole her sugar daddy” – Man laments



A man has come to the conclusion that women will embarrass the male gender no matter how much attention and resources they are given as he revealed that his babe snatched another girl’s sugar daddy..

An unidentified man narrates to @Joro how his girlfriend of two years was caught fighting with another girl after she stole her sugar daddy.

Here’s what he wrote;

“If ur gf like money ur in trouble, she will embarrass you outside. my GF of 2 years fought with another girl yesterday because of Sugar daddy my GF go steal another girl sugar daddy or so. I heard they tear cloth slap each other pull wig lol. At least they said my GF won the fight lol She never spoke to me and she has refused to pick my calls Imagine a girl I took my mom fighting for a 65-year-old man big belly, wrinkle balls, and d. :k. Money get muscle.

Money get muscle. I don’t know why I’m calling her my gf E shock me It’s lam and I can’t sleep. I want to hear her side so badly. She no picks my calls. Her friends are not picking too”

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