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My 8-Year-Old Son Fingers Me And I Enjoy It – Single Mother Confesses



A single mother has taken to social media to share her shameful se.xual experience with her 8-year-old son.
The mother whose identity was not revealed at the time of filing this report confessed to having amorous se.xual acts with her son due to the unavailability of her son..

According to her, the father of her son dumped her when she got pregnant with him and because of the absence of a man in her life, she has resorted to using her son to satisfy her cravings.

She confessed playing with the boy’s private part when he was as little as 4 years old and at age 8 when she returns from school, all they do is play with each other and sleep on the same bed.

He cried out for help claiming that the love she had for her baby daddy has been diverted to her son and she has become so used to the boy she no longer feel the need of a man in her life.

See her narration below;

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