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Man Wakes Up As A Woman After Breaking Up With His Girlfriend (Video)



Video of a man who turned out to be a woman overnight after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend who vowed to bewitch him after the breakup has got netizens talking..

The man who is now a woman said he went to bed as a man with his male organs intact but turned into a woman after waking up the next day after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend whom he broke up with the day before turning to a woman.

According to him, his ex-girlfriend accused him of cheating on her when actually it was a lie but then he broke up with her even though they were planning to get married a few weeks time and she vowed to bewitch him after the breakup.

He then started living his life as a woman and got married to a man who only realized he married his fellow man after their marriage and wanted to end the marriage but then decided to be with him out of love and pity we guess.

He also added that even though he lives in a community where gays and lesbians aren’t welcome, people don’t discriminate against him because everyone knows the story of him becoming a woman overnight after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend.

He also said even though he still has his male organ intact, it doesn’t function as the female organ he developed overnight does and now he has accepted his faith living as a woman even though his husband is scared one day he might turn into a man.

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