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I Am 25 years old, I Love Dating Older Men Because of This -Lady Reveals (Details below)



As long as you are wise enough, you have the freedom to pick the kind of person you want to go on a date with.

Some men prefer to date women who are significantly older than themselves, and some women prefer to date men who are significantly older than themselves. Some women nowadays tend to date older men or sugar daddies, either because he is wealthy or for other reasons.

A video has emerged online of a woman named Hajia Fauzy who said she prefers dating older men to dating young men. She said in the video that she is 25 years old and that the older men she has dated have always offered her money without reservation because she loves money.

She also mentioned that older males, such as sugar daddies, are less demanding and can take care of her needs at any moment and on any day. She goes on to state that the youngest man she has ever shared a date with is 30 years old.

What can you say to this?