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Fashion or Madness? See What a Lady Wore on Her Traditional Marriage That Got People Talking (Photos below)



The rate at which some people go about posting their social and personal life is very unusual and uncommon. People go to the length of disclosing some facts which are meant to be personal and private on social media to get likes, shares and comments of people on their post.

Talking about social media, Facebook is one the most populated social media platforms in the internet world where both young and old go about posting images, stories and the activities of their daily lives. Some of which should be private and not made public. But because they seek public attention “Notice me” they go about posting images and stories of their private lives.

A picture has been trending on Facebook, where a lady wore a dress made from groundnuts on the day of her traditional Marriage. This picture got a lot of reactions of the Facebook users, as some claimed that the designer of this Groundnut dress deserves an Award and some accolades.

A correspondent whose name was given as Atasie Wisdom posted the pictures of the lady who wore the dress made of groundnut on the Facebook page called the Igbo Rant (Wisdom Atasie). Where he said that the picture and the designer has gotten the attention of many Facebook users. He personally said that the designer of the dress deserves an Award and should be on record.

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“The person that designed this groundnut dress should be given an Award for this Awesome creativity and Talent. Such gift and talent is rare to find because I personally have not seen such Talent ever before in my life”, Wisdom Atasie said.

So many Facebook Users took to the post to react as some applauded the designer and said that the lady in question is so brave to wear such type of dress on hee traditional marriage ceremony. Some rejected the whole idea, said that they can never wear such dress if they were to be in her shoes.

Frankly speaking, as a lady, can you wear this type of dress on your Traditional Marriage ceremony?

And as a guy, can you allow your wife to wear such an outfit in public on the day of your Traditional Marriage?

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