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A Girl Will End Up Having Feelings For You if She Asks You These 5 Questions (Details below)



Ladies fall in love with men easily but they rarely say it out to him. Sometimes, they show it with body languages and expect the man to understand the message they are trying to pass across.

Also, they express it by asking the man some questions which a normal girl wouldn’t want to ask. This is mostly because girls are very secretive and they love to confirm that the guy loves them before being in a relationship with such a guy. A girl will end up having feelings for you if she asks you these questions.

Girls are always curious to know why a man approaches them. They want to want attracted him to them, whether it was her beauty or just an attempt to try their luck. And so, she would ask you a question like “what made you approach me in the first place?”

Money is important in a relationship and that is what ladies love the most. They don’t want to be in a relationship with a stingy or broke guy because they don’t want to suffer. So, she would ask you “would you spend on the girl you are dating?”

Also, ladies don’t like it when they share the same man with another girl. They don’t like a situation where they have to drag the same man with another girl and so to confirm whether you are single or not, she would ask you “do you have a girlfriend?”

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Another thing ladies want to know is how their man would react when she cheats on him. They want to know what the man would if he finds out that she is cheating, and so she might ask you a question like “What will you do when you hear that I am cheating on you?”

Lastly, ladies would ask you is what made you quit your last relationship. She wants to know why you left your ex and wants a new relationship with her. So, she would ask you “why did you break up with your ex?”

What can you say to this?

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