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Family Meeting Takes A Dark Turn As Siblings Kill Their Elder Brother Over Their Late Father’s Wealth (Details below)



From having a peace meeting over the division of their late father’ s wealth, to having another death in the family.

Such is now the story of some siblings in Okuku, Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State, after they were alleged to have killed their eldest brother over a disagreement concerning properties belonging to their late father.

According to reports, an unnamed source in their community revealed that the man who died, a welder by occupation named Chinonso, had been struck in the back of his head with a big piece of wood, rendering him unconscious after a fight with his younger brothers, who are twins.

He was said to have had a heavily pregnant wife and two children at the time of his death; with his wife said to have been beaten up by his sister, a policewoman identified as Chioma Azuatalam.

It was also reported that concerning the matter of the wealth of their late father, they had been having issues, with Chinonso Azuatalam, the eldest male, insisting that they share their father’ s properties equally, whereas his other siblings and their mother had other ideas to divide the properties without his approval.

In tandem with Igbo traditions, uncles from their mother’ s side of the family had come for the family inheritance meeting, where it was learned that tempers flared up, leading to a fight where punches were thrown, until one of Chinonso’ s twin brothers struck him with the stick, making him lose consciousness.

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He was later confirmed deceased at the hospital.

While the policewoman who assaulted Chinonso’ s wife has since been arrested, his brothers were reported to have run away upon realizing what they had done. The sibling who killed Chinonso is now reported to be in the custody of the police.

According to a spokesman for the police, the late brother had threatened his mother with death at knifepoint, after which his sister alerted their brothers, leading to the fight which cost Chinonso his life.

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