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Check Out What Was Found Inside This Pineapple After Being Discovered At The Ocean Bank (Photos below)



When they say ” Wahala be like bicycle” this is what they’ re actually referring to.

According to a post I saw on Facebook, some strange pictures were found inside a pineapple, and it looks strange from my perspective. There have been cases like this, to be frank not so much, but there have been cases of ladies putting the photos of their boyfriends in Calabash and other spiritual Items, some guys as well use ring to hit ladies.

But I tell you today, hitting your lovers just because they refuse to love you, is nothing but a love potion. Also, this bad deed has different repercussions, in the end, some go crazy, while others die. To be factual, it is not a good idea.

As I had mentioned earlier, A pineapple was discovered at a riverbank with pictures in it, looking at it well, the pineapple was tied with black and white thread when opened, two photos were found inside, a photo of a lady and a man tied together inside.

Now the question is who placed the photos inside and tied them together? The Person who carried out these acts is unknown, since the victims of these evil actions are also unknown, what will happen to these victims too? Let’ s take a look at the pictures

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Meanwhile, Nigerians did not waste much time reacting to this post, some questioned the sailors who opened it saying What is their business to manipulate someone’ s love story? while the majority claimed that the woman must have done this.

Below are some reactions:

Who do you think would have done this between the man and the woman or is it that someone perhaps their parents did it? Kindly drop your opinions.

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