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Check Out How Two Young Men Beat Up A Police Officer Because He Told Them To Come Down For Going Against Traffic Rule (Photos below)



We all have always believed that maltreatment and brutality are only being meted on innocent citizens of the country by the Nigerian security personnels, but on the other hand we seem to have forgotten that the cause of such incidents most at times often lies with the unarmed civilian who might have chosen to ignore or confront the officer of the law while on duty, just because of that very stigma that they don’ t love those who are they protecting.

However, if we must follow the path that leads to truth and justice we all could agree on one thing, that these security personnels are the ones who had always been there to protect the innocent citizens in the time of terror and insecurity with little or no appreciation from the citizens who are being protected.

A recent video clip which just surfaced on social media has kept me in shock at how our security personnels who are there to protect us, often get brutalized by those whom they are meant to protect thereby automatically resulting in an ugly retaliation if the officer eventually fails to show restraint.

The video which was uploaded by a social media user showed the moment that two young men were seen beating and brutalizing a policeman on duty. The video lasted for some minutes along with a heated argument which transpired between these two young men and the policeman, as they were seen brutalizing the officer who willingly showed restraint and refused to fight back.

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According to the social media user who shared the clip, it was allegedly gathered that the violence erupted after the officer stopped them for driving against traffic rules, instead of pulling over and taking correction from the police officer who seem to be humble enough to have tolerated such kind of treatment from them, they rather resulted in beating him up.

Despite the fact that another officer was present during the incident, they both decided to show restraint as one of them were being humiliated by the two young men.