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Angry Lady Slapped A Man And Tore His Cloth In A Bus, Check Out What The Man Did (Photos below)



Today, most people have absolutely no respect for others and feel that they can do to others as they please in public. when we encounter such people, we might be pushed to the wall and be forced to react angrily.

According to a post from on Instagram, a lady was caught in an uncomfortable scenario when she was inside a bus traveling from Obalende to Lekki Ajah. She started feeling that something was happening behind her. It felt as if somebody was touching her backside with a knee. She narrated that she tapped the knee about 3 different times so that it could be adjusted. however, after a moment she felt the touch at her back again.

When she eventually turned her face backward, she detected that the man was using his hand to fondled her backside. the lady became annoyed, shouted at him and asked him if he was mad. the man said nothing and behaved as if he was innocent. after a short time, the lady relented and faced forward only to hear the man hiss at her.

The lady immediately turned back, slapped the man on the face and also tore his clothes. She also called him completely different names.

However, as she said, those inside the bus who were all men weren’ t standing up for her. Instead, from the video, you could hear the men telling her to calm down and take it easy.

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The lady lamented how the country is so messed up that people don’ t rise up against molestation any more. however states that it’ s a general problem not only peculiar to Nigeria. also advises that we should always defend those who are molested and also refrain from such acts.

What do you think about the lady narration?

Note: All images are for illustrative purpos.