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Young Man Killed While Fighting Over His Father’s Girlfriend (Video below)



In a sad event, a young man has been killed by a group of people as he defended his father. The man was said to have been killed by four men who were in an argument with him and his father at a beer binge over the father’s beautiful girlfriend.

The four men have, however, been arrested in Murehwa for killing the fellow villager over the well-endowed girlfriend.

The four were identified as Leonard Jambwa (28) of Makuwaza Village, Jacob Maunde (28) of Masaraure Village, Spencer Dube (21) of Zhakata Village, and Adren Kugara (23) of Zhakata Village allegedly murdered Clever Muuduri (18) following a dispute at a beer binge.

This was confirmed by police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza in a statement which said: “The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to confirm the arrest of four men in Murehwa in connection with a murder case that took place at Zhakata Village under Chief Mangwende on Sunday,” said Insp Mwanza.

“Circumstances were that the deceased was in the company of his father, Nhamo Muuduri, drinking Skokian beer at a homestead in Zhakata Village. The four accused men were also drinking beer at the same homestead when Nhamo Muuduri reportedly picked a quarrel with Leonard Jambwa over a girlfriend.

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“Nhamo alleged that Jambwa was in love with his girlfriend and a fistfight broke out, but the two were later restrained by other patrons. On the same date at about 1530 hours, Jambwa reportedly left the drinking spot alone proceeding to his homestead.

“The deceased Clever Muuduri and his father Nhamo Muuduri then allegedly followed Jambwa and caught up with him at Jacob Maunde’s homestead. A fistfight ensued and Jambwa was reportedly overpowered by the two and he called for help.

“The other three accused persons who were believed to be following behind rushed to the scene and Adren Kugara allegedly picked up a half brick and struck Nhamo once on the head.

“Maunde is alleged to have kicked Clever Muuduri on the chest once and fell down. Maunde and Kugara allegedly further attacked the now deceased several times with fists and booted feet. The accused persons were reported to have later left the scene after discovering that Clever Muuduri was unconscious.