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“We Are Not Slaves, We Don’t Want Fulanis At Seme Border And We Are Ready For The FG- Sunday Igboho (Details below)



Things are gradually turning to something different to our country Nigeria. It seems the federal government of Nigeria is confused as different reactions from Nigerians are been seen everyday.

Just this evening it was confirmed that the Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho, prof Akintoye and some others speak on expiration of 90 days given to Nigeria government by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self- Determination (NINAS) led by its chairman, Professor Banji Akintoye.

It was reported that the group warned that the Federal Government and the National Assembly is inviting a dangerous regime of self- help in the country. Akintoye insisted that people who insist on Governing Nigeria with the imposed, unworkable 1999 constitution and fraudulent, as well as those who still aspire to contest further national elections under that Constitution, should know they are the ones leading and pushing Nigeria towards a Violent Disintegration.

According to our source, Akintoye also revealed that the ethnic nations presently trapped in the failed Lugardian experiment of 1914 will do everything possible and legitimate under appropriate International Instruments to extricate them from the Union of death, attrition and backwardness that Nigeria has become for them.

Furthermore, in summary of this report, it was gathered that this was revealed at a press conference held at the Secretariat at the IIan Omo Oodua in Ibadan. The group emphasized that the garment of Fulani herdsmen, Miyetty Allah, bandits and Boko Haram will move or force people to stand up for themselves.

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Finally, it was concluded that the meeting is to inform the international community and people on what the next steps will be in the resolve to extricate the race from the death trap and bondage that a unitary Nigeria has become for the people.

What’ s your reacting to this conference held that involved Sunday Igboho, Prof Akintoye and others on expiration of 90 days given to Nigeria government?

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