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This Is Strange; He Was Struck By A White Thunder And His Skin Started Turning Into A White Man – Watch His Sad Story



The kind of life that many people in this world especially in Africa is very strange and painful at the same time.

Many do not know why Africa is a place where most of the strange things happen.

A certain strange thing has happened to one man whereby he was struck by a thunder Lightning and so, unfortunately, the unexpected happened to him.

Let us go deep into details as he shares his sad story.

According to Damascene, he was on his way home one day after going to fetch water when a white cloud formed above him, and a loud thunder with lightning struck him. Immediately, his skin started developing abnormal skin spots and aching and his natural color started becoming white.

After explaining to his wife what has happened to him, his wife abandoned him saying she cannot live with such a human being with a skin disorder.

Damascene’ s dream of becoming a footballer has been destroyed due to his current condition. He said I am turning into a Whiteman, thus, the man who survived lightning.

On average, the odds of getting struck by lightning are 1 and 700, 000 which is simply not that common to happen. Damascene explained that at first, it was only burns and aching but now the white pigment keeps eating off his natural skin. He says, he knew he could be treated at the initial stage but he did not have money to pay for his hospital bills. He still has hope that his condition can be treated when taken to the hospital.

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Damascene skin condition is getting worse day after day. He feels strong heat and sometimes coldness in his body making it difficult for him to engage in daily activities which bring money. He is in severe pain and discomfort.

Damascene’ s condition is known as vitiligo which is a skin condition that makes the skin loses its pigment, thus, causing patches of abnormal white color on the skin.

This is very strange indeed, we are yet to know what caused the white thunder to strike on him.

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