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The Player That Scored Nigeria’s Winning Goal, See How People Mocked Him Before The Match (Details below)



How the unforeseen can spring out of nowhere is perpetually a secret. How out of nowhere, from no place today, a man numerous Nigerians taunted turned into the hero.

If like me you watched the match online, you would notice how the defense of Benin republic was stubborn. However, it took a a last-minute goal from Paul Onuachu to give Nigeria the victory.

Prior to the game, many Nigerians made fun of Paul Onuachu when he arrived camp. They looked down on him and hoped on Kelechi Ihenacho and Victor Osimhen to get the goals for Nigeria but it didn’t happened tonight.

Why Some Nigerians Mocked Paul

The first question you’re probably asking is: why exactly did some Nigerians made fun of Paul Onuachu ? Well, when the young man arrived camp, he looked nervous so some people used that opportunity to make fun of him.

A Twitter user who obviously didn’t like his style of play tweeted: “Dem don call this long man again”

Another guy who didn’t see him as a good player questioned the decision of inviting Paul. He tweeted “Them use this guy swear for una ni”

Some Twitter users mad fun of his facial expression saying he looked like someone who wants to cry. Someone even asked Paul who collected his biscuit.

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Another man who didn’t see him as a good player made fun of his height and said he ought to be defender. He said ”I know like dis guy at all na defender him suppose dey play”

Nobody believed in Paul before the game but he scored the winning goal. Paul Onuachu the rejected stone now turns the chief cornerstone. Our God is wonderful.

Dear readers, never look down on anyone because of their physical appearance or present situation. Sometimes the people you look down on today will be the ones you look up to tomorrow.

Never ever treat others like they are not important. A person who you see unimportant today may come to your rescue tomorrow. No one can predict the future.. only the Almighty God knows what tomorrow holds.

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