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The Nigerian Govt Called Me A Terrorist, If I’m A Terrorist Will I Have A Picture With A Mayor?- Omote Says



It’s no longer a news that the Nigerian government has stated it clearly that the Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB is a terrorist group, because of that anyone that is trying to identify himself or herself with the group is therefore regarded as a terrorist.

Based on that note, a certain man on twitter with the the username “@OmoteBiafra” made a certain tweet on his twitter handle which caused many people to react. According to the tweet he made, he stated it clearly that the Nigerian government said that he is a terrorist, but if he is really a terrorist as the Nigerian government said, will he ever be able to have a picture with the mayor of his province.

It’s still very difficult for many to understand the reason why the government of Nigeria decided to brand these freedom fighters as terrorists. If the are really terrorists, their leader Nnamdi Kanu would have been arrested long time ago.

Let there be justice and equity in this country so that this country will move. If things are going accordingly, I don’t think that there is going to be any need for this agitation which is currently ongoing. May God help this country.