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South-East Governor Threatens To End Nigeria, See What He Said (Details below)



The active governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has stated that if Benue Governor Samuel Ortom, is assassinated, then the president Muhammadu Buhari would have to explain why and Nigeria would not exist anymore.

That statement by Mr Wike was due to the attacks launched at the Benue governor by suspected herdsmen along Makurdi-Gboko Road in the Makurdi Local Government Area on Saturday as he went to visit a farm.

Speaking further, he exclaimed that If Ortom is killed, Nigeria would be buried, and the Federal Government will be held responsible and they should be ready because there won’t be Nigeria anymore.

But then, there have been reactions on Mr Wike’s threat that ‘there will be no more Nigeria’, and the question is if he is aimed at starting a civil war or is he seeking a peaceful breakaway of different parts of the country?

Recall that at the beginning of this week, some Nigerian elders had written to the UN, EU and U.S. to constitute a referendum to save Nigeria from violence that may cause loss of innocent lives and properties of citizens.

According to the president, Mr Buhari, he explained that the reason why his appointment favoured the people of his fulani ethnic stick was not to cause division in the country but to shade away abnormalities in the country which had been caused by the previous administration.

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What is your opinion on this statement, because people are beginning to question the boldness of the governor.

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