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Some Of The Bandits That Killed Their Victim After Collecting N5 Million Ransom, Were From Delta State (Details below)



I was really surprised when I discovered that two out of the kidnappers that killed their victim after collecting N5 Million ransom, are indigenes of Delta State. As reported on Vanguard, the bandits kidnapped Alhaji Ahmadu who was a resident of Panbeguwa village, Kaduna State. He was kidnapped while traveling to Delta State on Wednesday 30th December, 2020, and never returned again.

The bandits contacted Ahmadu’ s brother after few days, and demanded N4 million ransom, which he paid immediately. Being so greedy, these evil bandits later demanded additional N1 million, which the brother paid also without hesitation.

But it is really sad that the bandits later killed their victim, Almadu despite the huge amount of money they had made from him.

Then why killing Almadu even after paying his ransom? This is actually wickedness in the highest order! This was why the Kaduna Police Command was triggered to embark on intelligent search.

As nature speaks Justice for innocent Almadu, the police was able to arrest one suspect known as Musa Adamu ‘ M’ in Wase LGA of Plateau State. He actually confessed to have a hand in the crime, and later lead to the arrest of his counterparts, which were: Alhaji Sa’ adu ‘ M’ of Asaba, Delta State, Abubakar Adamu ‘ M’ alias Katakoje of Ibeto village in Niger State, Muhammed Nuhu ‘ M’ of Minjibir LGA, Kano State and Emmanuel James alias Doctor ‘ M’ of Asaba, Delta State.

The report on Vanguard revealed that all the arrested suspects later confessed to be responsible for the kidnapping and killing of Almadu, and other related criminal activities in many regions.

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In a real sense of human, I would really say that these bandits didn’ t try at all, to have wasted the young man even after milking up to N5 million from him. But the point I want to address here is the fact that some of the arrested suspects are from Delta State.

One may really wonder what could have brough about my point in the issue, but I intentionally want to raise this issue to correct the impression most people have concerning the Fulani herdsmen. Many people have generalized the Fulani herdsmen as criminals, believing that they are the only ones that engage in banditry.

On several occasions, I have heard people claim that all Fulani herdsmen are bandits. This may actually be wrong, as criminals are everywhere.

I am not actually supporting the Fulani herdsmen, neither will ever support anyone in any form of evil. But the truth must be told, every ethic group in Nigeria actually has criminals and as well the good citizens. Though there may be some Fulani criminals out there, but I believe there are still some good ones out of them.

The Islamic Scholar, Sheik Gumi and even the Governor Of Bauchi State must have made this similar remark. Such remarks was when the Bauchi State Governor claimed that criminals from North, South East, South West, and other regions are working together with in the said banditary. Many people doubted and criticized him for his statement, but I think there may still be sense in his claim.

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So judging from this recent arrest made by the Kaduna Police Command, it would really be clear that bandits are not only Fulani; there may actually be other criminals from other ethnic groups that also work with them.

The reason for this analytical argument may not really be far from the current crisis that have been ravaging in some parts of the country especially in the South West, where all the herdsmen seem to have been regarded as criminals, and had been given quit notice in several occasions.

It would be wise to always know that crime remains the ” crime” no matter how it is coated, criminals are also the same no matter their ethnic groups.

Please let’ s call ” Spade” , a pade; let’ s treat criminals as criminals regardless of ethnic groups. Let’ s stop being sentimental in our judgements, let’ s stop being tribalistic in all we do; let’ s stop generalizing a whole ethnic group to be criminals!

I think it would be better if we concentrate more on how to fight insecurity in Nigeria, than arguing which tribes are the criminals. I believe If we are able to understand in this angle, then it would be easier for us to push these criminals to the wall, and put an end to the ravaging insecurity in Nigeria!