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SHOCKING: This Distressed Ibadan Man Revealed How His Wife Of 23 Years Exchanged His Destiny With Hers (Details below)



In the most agonizing manner, this man lamented before a court how his wife of 23 years swapped his destiny with hers.

Olawale Busari, a father of four, told a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan pleaded with the court to dissolve his 23-year-old marriage to his estranged wife, Sekinat.

He alleged that Sekinat had been responsible for his economic and spiritual retardation, using voodoo.

In his testimony before Chief Ademola Odunade, the president of the court, Busari who resides at Ojoo area in Ibadan, said that his wife had been buoyant while he had been suffering setbacks in spite of all of his efforts.

He added that he had a very profitable occupation with fantastic incomes only for things to change for the worse.

“When I was going around seeking spiritual remedy, I got to know that Sekinat had exchanged her glory with mine.

“When I was searching the house recently, I came across various gory sites of voodoo in the house.