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Saddening! 12- Year Old Girl Brutally Raped And Assaulted By Four Men (Details below)



Rape cases has become one of the most rampantly heard news all across Nigeria, sadly, the latest victim of this cruel and inhuman act is a 12- year old girl that lives in Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria. She was gruesomely raped inside her parents house on Thursday by four hefty men who covered their faces with clothed masks.

According to one of the victim’ s family member who pleaded anonymity due to the stigmatization, said, “she was not only raped, but also severely brutalized “, he further disclosed that the victim has been taken to the hospital and proper treatment has been administered to her, currently, she has been stabilized.

The source also disclosed that the case has been reported to the Lagos state police command and investigations is currently ongoing, infact, with the help of the description the victim gave the police, some suspects have been detained awaiting further investigations in the police custody.

The victim’ s father who also pleaded anonymity was also interviewed by the police and journalist’ s, he said, ” this is indeed a bad and traumatic experience for both the victim and we the entire family, she was at home preparing to have her virtual class as the corona virus safety rules required when the sad occurrence took place.

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According to the reports from the hospital, the 12- year old victim sustained tears and bruises in her private part which in turn led to massive bleeding that would have claimed her life.

The victim’ s father further shed light on how the sad event took place, he said she was at home with him around the time the incident happened, when it was time for her to start her virtual class, he (victim’ s father) realized that there was no fuel in the generator, then he decided to rush to the nearby gas station, immediately he left the house, the rapists jumped into the compound via the fence and carried out the shameful act, the victim also disclosed that they covered her face with thier palm throughout the entire attack.

However, the Lagos state commissioner of police has asked the gender unit of the police force to investigate more on the case as positive outcome is widely anticipated.

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