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SHOCKING: See The Robber That Shot An Okada Man That Didn’t Penetrate Him (Details below)



The insecurity rate in Nigeria is worrying every day since people stay virtually unprotected and even sleeping with both eyes closed is now a major problem. The days when ‘ men of the night’ are done, the robbery is done in the light of day. Below are photos of an armed robber who, after luck runs against him, was caught today on the Ovade Road, Oghara, Delta State.

According to a post by Warri Aproko TV on Facebook, in Oghara a robber gang has stormed Ovade Road to use weapons to collect money forcibly from Okada men on the road. When they arrived, Ovade’ s Youth Chairman and some of his exiles were warned that robbery was going on and, upon their arrival, they found out that they had started robbing Okada riders.

One of the robbers shot at a man from Okada, but the bullet did not penetrate because it had some kind of proof of a ballot that probably traditionally prevents a bullet from entering his body. The young president and some passersby, seeing that the shot Okada Man did not die, attacked the armed kidnappers, some of them fled into the nearby bush but could hold one who tried to use his gun to kill the Okada Man.

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He was then given his life’ s beat, as he was a former shadow of himself. After people got down to him to try to steal a man from the Okada and kill him, he was left with bleeding eyes and nose. After being beaten up to nearly losing consciousness, he was subsequently transferred to the police.

Some Deltans reacted to the way young people treated him, praising him for a good job.

I praise those young people for having taken such courage to get to one of the robbers, so that it will dissuade others who want to come to the community to rob.

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