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Pastor Shutdown Church, Tells Members to go to Any Living Church, says he’s a Fake Man of God (Check how it Happened)



A Nigerian pastor has reportedly shutdown his church and told all his members whom he has misled over the years to move to living churches in the city. He was said to have confessed to his church members on a particular Sunday.

A pastor of a Pentecostal church in Asaba made the revelation on Sunday when he was preaching to his church members on the need to be watchful and careful of the material things of this life.

He was answering a question on why ungodly people are prospering in the world while some sincere Christians are pining away in poverty, penury and want.

The question was raised by a man who said in his place of work, a fellow pastor told him that people who do not practice watertight Christianity are doing better in life than those who profess and actually live godly lives and refrain from partaking in the corrupt activities of people in government offices.

While answering the question, the pastor warned that faithful Christians should maintain their steadfastness and remain committed to Christ. Though some say the preaching has been so for years, he said the time of Christ coming is near.

The pastor said the prosperity of the ungodly is short and cannot stand the test of time. He said many people steal in the offices and carry out a lot of dubious activities which genuine Christians cannot partake as God’s children.

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It was in the course of answering the question that he made reference to the fake pastor who was involved in different rituals to drawn members to his church. He basis the pastor visited different places to acquire all kinds of power to do wonders in his church.

According to him, it was when a member of his syndicate group with whom he was involved in different rituals was arrested and got him implicated that he realised that the time of earthly reckoning had come.

It was gathered that he went to his church and opened up all the evils he has been involved and how he had bewitched them with charms over the years. He was said to have told the members that he has not been using the power of God to do his teachings and miracles.

Following this revelation, he told the members not his congregation to go to churches around that they think are teaching the true word of God.

Consequently, he shutdown the church and the members moved out to other churches in the town

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