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On The First Day Of Pope Francis In Iraq, See What Muslims Did To Him (Details below)



On Friday, Pope Francis stood in Baghdad’ s Assyrian Catholic Cathedral. Where 50 believers, clergy and police were killed in a terrorist attack in 2010. On Friday, Pope Francis called for ” forgiveness, reconciliation and rebirth” in this troubled Middle Eastern country.

Francis said: ” We are gathered in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Savior. This is caused by the blood of our brothers and sisters. They are here to do their utmost loyalty to God and his church. ” Francis said, calling on Christians from their believers. Be inspired. sacrifice.

” Because we call on Christians to witness the love of Christ at all times and everywhere. This is also the gospel that must be proclaimed and embodied in this beloved country, ” he added.

Francis’ visit to the cathedral set the tone for his historic visit (March 5- 8), which was the first time the Pope has set foot in the country and emphasized the unity and tolerance of Christians in Iraq.

On October 31, 2010, at least six jihadists associated with Al Qaeda stormed the large wooden door of the Assyrian Catholic Cathedral at about 6 pm, and the congregation gathered to attend Sunday Mass. In the central passage, the attacker turned off the lights and fired at the crowd. Marks on the floor of the nave indicate that 48 people have died.

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The attack was condemned by political and religious leaders around the world, including representatives of Sunni and Shiites, and the church became a symbol of anti- Christian persecution in the Middle East.

Prayer ceremonies for the 48 martyrs who died in the massacre are underway, including three- month- old children, a pregnant woman and an unborn child.

The Pope said on Friday: ” Their death is a powerful reminder that incitement to war, hatred, violence or bloodshed is inconsistent with true religious teachings. ” ” I also want to remember all victims of violence and persecution, no matter which one they belonged to. Religious groups. ”

Francis was welcomed in the cathedral by the Syrian Catholic bishop of Antioch, Antioch, and the pharaoh Ignatis Everem Joseph III Yonan from all of eastern Syria, and Faltis Louis Raphael The Beatitudes of El Sacco, the Babylonian Bishop of Chaldea and the head church of the Chaldean Catholic Church.

More than a dozen disabled Iraqis also greeted the Pope in the square in front of the cathedral.

Francis talked with local bishops, priests, clergy, seminarians and Catholics in the church.

Sako said that given the political uncertainty in Iraq and the recent surge in COVID- 19 cases, some criticized the Pope’ s visit as too risky, and the Iraqi people welcome this. ” Your father- like visit has given us the ability to overcome adversity, which reassures us that we have not been forgotten, and despite the difficulties we have encountered, it has developed trust and enthusiasm for us and continues our journey of faith and evangelical testimony. “

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