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Northern Governors Surprise Nigerians With This Unexpected Message To Osinbajo’s (Details below)



The Northern Governors’ Forum has hailed Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’ s second citizen, as a lover of his country who mixed behavior, pragmatism, and professionalism in approaching national affairs.

The forum through its chairman, Simon Lalong, disclosed this in celebration of the Vice President’ s birthday on the 8th of February 2021. Lalong says that the second citizen has shown confidence in Nigeria, and the current Buhari regime.

He says that the Vice president had persisted in putting in his best for the current Government to succeed.

They said they had taken pleasure in the great collaboration with Osinbajo who gave them attention individually, and collectively on ways to handle the situation in their region.

They commended his position as the leader of the livestock transformation scheme which, according to them, is questing to introduce the country into the contemporary business of Livestock.

They pledged their unrelenting cooperation as the vice president assists Buhari in making his campaign promises a reality to the people of the country.

They extended good wishes to him, and advised him to not relent in his legal mentorship and assistance to the youths.

Well, it obvious that Northern leaders cherish it so much when their southern counterparts are docile and tacit amidst their over handedness and mistreatment of others. They praised Osinbajo because he remained silent over this period of herdsmen killings in the southern Nigeria.

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I am not even sure if they congratulated the ex president Olusegun Obasanjo who celebrated his birthday last week.

If you remain mute while your people are being butchered, you are a hero, otherwise you are an enemy, its very unfortunate!