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Nigeria Police Reacts After Assistant Commissioner of Police Was Allegedly Arrested For Kidnapping (Details below)



It was reported on social media that the Assistant Commissioner of police was arrested for Kidnapping in Nigeria.

In the report, there was a picture of a guy in Police Uniform and other people that were arrested with him. Nigeria Police has carried out their investigation, it was reported by Nigeria police that this news is fake news.

The man in Nigeria Police Uniform Named Kingsley Udoyem was arrested, paraded and prosecuted by Akwa-Ibom State Police command on the 2nd of January, 2019 for impersonating a police officer.

The man is not a Policeman. The pictures of the man in the Nigeria Police Uniform was used to spread this Fake news.

Check out the Facebook post Nigeria Police Force posted to debunk this news.

Please, Let stop spreading News that is not from Verified pages especially the news that has to do with criminality.

Kindly share the post on all social media for people to read it.

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