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“My Husband Didn’t Die Because I Slept With Only Three Men,” – Nigerian Woman Cries Out For Forgiveness (Video below)



In Nigeria, marriage is synonymous with a variety of societies. A society known as “Ibegwu Culture” occurs in Kogi County. In that country, it is against the culture and custom for a married woman to sleep with another man while still married.

The woman who engages in extramarital relations would trigger her husband’s death as a consequence of breaking the Ibegwu Culture custom.

In keeping with the aforementioned culture, a video has gone viral in which a woman is dehumanized and stigmatized for being blamed for her husband’s demise. The woman can be seen weeping in the footage, claiming that she did not cause her husband’s death.

She admitted that before her marriage, she had only slept with three others. The man she slept with is her Lagos manager, and the other two men are her Abuja colleagues. The video was posted by lindaikejiblog.

Is this to imply that the wife was the one who really killed her husband? It should be remembered that death is a normal occurrence that may occur at any moment. The fact that the wife admitted to having extramarital relations does not imply that they were the cause of the man’s death.

Instead of blaming the wife, an autopsy should be performed to determine what caused the death. It is important that such a tradition be examined in order to prevent hurting innocent women in society.

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Watch The video below.

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