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Lady’s Face Gets Destroyed Just For Refusing A Man’s Proposal, Social Media Users React (Photos below)



An unknown man has taken his time to lay his hands on a lady while in a car over a proposal.

The man is said to have beaten the lady just because she refused his s3xual advances while sitting together in a car.

According to sources on twitter, the unknown man repeatedly and incessantly tried to coerce the lady to engage in a conversation with him.

But all his effort proved futile as the lady refused to engagein the conversation. I’m

This then angered the man who felt disrespected and allegedly strike the lady hard on her face.

He is said to have hit her very hard to the extent that the lady started to bleed.

The sad story was shared by the lady’s friend who asked her friend to send her a vifeo of her bruised face.

To the friend, what makes her all the more angry is that the womanizer even bragged that his girlfriend is more beautiful and hotter than the friend who refused to mind him.

The good news is that, the Nigerian police officers of the Ozuoba Police in Port Harcourt have done their best to arrest the man brutalized the lady and is currently in their custody.

Meanwhile, ever since veteran nollywood actor, Mr Pete Edochie came out to endorse polygamy on the part of men, many people have attacked him on social media especially his haters.

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It all started when the actor advised women in marriages not to divorce their husbands just because they cheated because the African tradition frowns on such women.

He believes men are made to be polygamous and that it started in ancient times.

Pete Edochie sighted King Solomon who had 300 wives and 700 concubines as an example.

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