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“If You Declare War When Yoruba Did Not Authorise You, You Will Be Used For Sacrifice”- Gani Adams



Recently, the leader of the OPC and the Are Ona Kankanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, talked about Nigeria security situation of Nigeria, especially what is going on in the Yoruba land.

According to him, he said many Nigerians has been blaming him for not being protective enough for his Yoruba people he people in a video shared on the internet here, and there many things which the Nigerians don’t know about declaring war, he said he will analyze it.

He began thus: ” Many Nigerians that are blaming me that I’ve not been active enough do not the meaning of war declaration in the Yoruba.

You as a leader must not jump to a conclusion without carrying some gigantic Yoruba leader along, you must not act according to how people push you to do something, If Yoruba did not tell you to declare war and you go ahead and declare the war, you will be used to for its sacrifices.

Those are the things I’ve learnt while dealing with my Yoruba people.

For instance, when we were trying to build Amotekun, that time the marauders have started killing our people from some side of the country. So, I wrote letters to all the Yoruba state governors, but none of them responded.

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I wrote the letters for the second time, yet no response.

Later, I resolved to write letters to the kings, in which it was the king of Ilaro that responded by sending a letter to the Ogun state governor before other governors intervene.

In the process, of bringing Yorubas together to build Amotekun, it was another Yoruba man which I won’t mention that stood against.

Now that Amotekun has come to stay, one must not just declare war like that, one needs to still consult some leaders so that one will not end e blaming himself.”