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‘I Am A Jealous Lover’- Woman Who Allegedly Killed Her Husband Says In A Past FB Post



An old post shared by the Nigerian lady who killed her husband has been retrieved to sort of establish the reason why she committed the heinous crime in the first place..

Faith Okiemute, the 22-year-old woman allegedly hacked her husband, Edafe Uniakpor, to death with a machete in the early hours of Monday, March 15 over suspicion of infidelity.

The post she shared on Facebook leading to this crime clearly states she’s the jealous type who will go to any length to protect her man being ‘tasted’ by other women. In a Facebook post dated June 9, 2019, Faith, who goes by the nickname, Okiss Gold, had declared that she will become the worst enemy of any woman who goes near her man.

“I am a freaking jealous lover. If you don’t want to be my worst enemy don’t go near my boo” she said.