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As Onyeze Jesus Resumes ‘Ibute Ike Rituals – Here’s Why All Youths Should Be Careful (Details below)



In a literal sense, “Ibute Ike” may translate as “the bringing of strength or power” or as “possessing might.” Unlike Francis Bacon’s “Knowledge is Power”, “Money is the Power” in the context of “Ibute Ike”

Despite being cautioned by the Anambra State Government, Pastor Udeze Jesus (Akanasauchu) has resumed his Ibute Ike rituals in Anambra state.

But the real question remains- Is money important? I think this question of mine is stupid? The importance of money for the day to day existence in the world cannot be over emphasized. For food, shelter, clothing not to mention other thing money is needed.

If money is important, what then is wrong with “IBUTE IKE?”. “Ibute Ike” often connotes the idea of making money through any means possible. Even if it means to kill, do illegal jobs, make devilish sacrifices and condescend to the level of a pig to eating debris or a wild beast to eating raw flesh.

The “Ibute Ike” mentality has possessed mostly the young men and women of our society today especially from the Eastern part of Nigeria. The greed for money not the need for money is the foundation on which the “Ibute Ike” mentality strives.

What factor(s) could be promoting this “Ibute Ike” syndrome?

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In our society today, if one does not have money, one is almost considered non existent. Money buys PhD degrees, money wins electoral positions, money thwarts justice in favour of the guilty, money gives criminals prestige places of honour in even some religious gatherings, money makes age, experience and education to become meaningless. Professors now answer Yes Sir or Ma to the age mates of their children because of money.

No wonder, breakthrough and prosperity messages sells more than any other today. No wonder, many incompetent and bad willed individuals are finding their way into politics, all in the attempt to making the money. No wonder alot of leaders won’t mind if their subjects keep dying, so long as the money keeps flowing into their accounts.

How many poor persons could easily have access to meeting their pastors one on one today? For a lifetime, some may not. However, once such a person (Bute Ike), a one time call opens the door to his or her pastor ‘s office.

Unless, the secular and religious society stop giving undue glory to money, and begin to appreciate and emphasize dignity, integrity, work, service, experience, respect for age and humanity as a gift of God, irrespective of money or no money, our society is in for a big trouble with the quest of “IBUTE IKE.”

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We have seen some of our brothers and sisters bathing naked in the river, some eating raw chicken all because of Ibute Ike.

The only money to be respected is the money that is genuinely gotten through the work of our hands not without the blessing of God. And that money should be used to serve not to oppress.

Yes the economy is not helping due to the failure of the government over the years, it’s better to start small than attempting to making it big at once.

After the “Ike” is “Bute” what next?

What are your thoughts?

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